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“Say cheese.” They might just be the truest words ever spoken in the history of photography. After all, how many times have you looked at photographs taken in a studio setting and discreetly thought to yourself: “They’re just so cheesy…”

There’s a reason for that. Studio work can have certain positives, but naturalness isn’t one of them. Many people are quite rightly uncomfortable with the forced and fake atmosphere inherent in many studio shoots.

Contrast that to the spontaneity and unaffectedness of your own home or a similar setting of your choosing. That’s where you spend time with family and friends. That’s where instances of genuine affection and sincerity occur, so why not capture them there? No tinting, no computer trickery, no gritted teeth and fixed stares – just simple, beautifully taken photos that perfectly encapsulate the moments you want to treasure

The price for a print only shoot is £95. If, instead of prints, you would prefer a DVD with jpegs of the images, the price for the shoot is £190.

Note: The price for a photo-shoot is £110 on any booking outside a 20 mile radius of Lincoln.

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Guestbook for Your Family Photography
Clare Bawden(non-registered)
Thanks for Saturday, it was great meeting you and making the shoot fun. I know Mum was really pleased with all the pics
Chris Foster(non-registered)
This is the first decent photo that my mum has had taken. She had a great time tonight and I can't wait to show her the photos. She'll love the one of my brother. Thanks again.
The guestbook is empty.