About Stuart

Stuart Wilde has more than 30 years’ experience as a professional photographer, picture editor and university lecturer, with a portfolio encompassing everything from frontline photojournalism for the national media to PR shoots and wedding and portrait photography.

Stuart’s award-nominated work has appeared in dozens of newspapers, magazines and books. It is founded on the principle that every assignment, whoever the client and whatever the deadline, deserves images of the highest quality and imagination.

News, sport and features

Stuart began his media work with a local newspaper more than a quarter of a century ago. Within a year he was accepting commissions from national clients for major news stories, sporting events and magazine shoots.

His news, sport and features assignments have appeared in the likes of The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.

Stuart also spent several years as chief photographer of the Derby Evening Telegraph before being recruited as picture editor of the Lincolnshire Echo.

PR and commercial

Imagery is a powerful element of any business proposition. Effective, exciting and innovative photography helps build profiles and enhance brands.

Stuart’s own philosophy is in line with those of his corporate clients. Like them, he wants and expects only the very best.

Stuart also works in partnership with clients’ marketing teams to ensure his images are perfectly aligned with the brand values and marketing objectives of the business.


Good photographers know all about deadlines and pressure. The best wedding photographers help make sure no-one worries about such things.

It’s not just about capturing the little details, the subtle nuances and the precious moments that make up the happiest day of your life. It’s about putting you at ease so these things happen naturally.

The most treasured wedding albums are as much reportage as record: candid, spontaneous, even behind the scenes, from the hours before the ceremony to the last dance ­– just as you’d like to remember and re-live it all for the rest of your life.

Family and friends

Photographs of you, your family or friends, taken in the comfort of your own home - or setting of your choice - that look far better than anything that could be achieved in an expensive studio. No tinting, no computer trickery, just simple, beautifully taken, timeless photographs, that you will treasure forever.


I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. I don’t think your work is worthwhile – either for you or your clients – if you don’t enjoy it and give it your all.

Good photographers always put a little bit of themselves in every picture they take – and I don’t mean their fingertip appearing in the top-right corner of the shot. I’m talking about that little spark of imagination, that eye for detail, that sets the image apart from a simple “point and shoot”. As a photographer, you know when you’ve managed to take a picture to another level – and I think your clients know, too.

Whether I’m photographing a breaking news story, gathering executives in a boardroom or maintaining that fine balance between involvement and discretion at a wedding, that’s what I strive for – to produce something that stands apart and, just as importantly, that will stand the test of time.